Intelligence Analysis: A Target-Centric Approach, 3rd Edition by Robert M. Clark

As Americas enemies have changed and evolved, the American intelligence community has been forced to find more effective methods of managing intelligence analysis. Old hierarchical models of collection and analysis must give way to horizontal, networked solutions. In Intelligence Analysis, Robert M. Clark explains that a collaborative, target-centric approach allows for more effective analysis, while better meeting customer needs.

The new third edition has been comprehensively revised to reflect changes in the constantly shifting landscape of intelligence. With new examples throughout, Intelligence Analysis now includes discussions of framing effects, human terrain models, cyber collection, computer network exploitation, and more. Further, a new section on the defense analysis challenge clarifies the relationship between the analyst and the customer. Once again, Clark has updated the practical information and day-to-day details as only an experienced hand could, bringing essential clarity and insight to this must-have resource.