The Analysts's Cookbook by Kristan Wheaton

This book is a 164-page compilation of 16 analytic methods applicable to a variety of intelligence analysis taskings.

"We have divided this book into chapters and sections. You can think of each chapter as a recipe, if you wish. Like any practical cookbook, this one has an informal structure to make it easier for the reader to use. Each chapter begins with a brief description of the analytic technique, the strengths and weaknesses of the technique, and an abbreviated how-to section.
Finally, each analyst describes how they applied their chosen technique to a real world problem. Some of those applications are traditional, such as using computer analysis on a business problem, others are less so, such as applying SWOT to a sorority. We don't claim to have the best recipe for apple pie or Trend analysis; just one that you might want to try."

Interrogation: World War II, Vietnam and Iraq

National Defense Intelligence College

This book presents the work of three NDIC graduate students. All three worked under Professor John A. Wahlquist of the College, with external guidance from a group of scholars and recognized subject matter experts under the leadership of Dr. Robert A. Fein of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The book follows the NDIC Press’s Educing Information – Interrogation: Science and Art, Foundations for the Future. By adding historical and practical context going back to U.S. policy and practice in interrogations during World War II, the Vietnam conflict, and the ongoing war in Iraq, this newest volume contributes to the high-profi le public dialogue on how U.S. military and civilian agencies can best obtain information from prisoners of war and other categories of legal and illegal combatants without compromising the principles upon which the
nation was founded.