Rethinking the Principles of War, edited by Anthony D. McIvor

This cutting-edge work features the fresh thinking of 31 leading authors from a variety of military and national-security disciplines. Following an introduction by Lt. Gen. James Dubik, Commander I Corps, U.S. Army, the anthology first considers the general question of whether there is a distinctly American way of war. Dr. Colin Gray’s opening essay, “The American Way of War: Critique and Implications,” provides a state-of-the-question perspective. Sections on Operational Art (wherein writers address the issues in both conventional and small wars), Stability and Reconstruction, and Intelligence complete the volume. Among the well-known contributors are Robert Scales, Mary Kaldor, Ralph Peters, William Nolte, Jon Sumida, Grant Hammond, Milan Vego, Paulette Risher, Antulio Echevarria, and T.X. Hammes. The anthology is part of a larger “Rethinking the Principles of War” project, sponsored by the Office of Force Transformation and the U.S. Navy, re-examining traditional and unorthodox approaches to the future of warfare.

Keeping Pace with the Revolution in Military Affairs: Operation Iraqi Freedom and the Challenge to Intelligence by William Nolte, Deputy Assistant Director of Central Intelligence for Analysis and Production