CDC Influenza Pandemic Operation Plan (OPLAN)

The Operation Plan (OPLAN) delineates how Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will prepare for and fight a devastating outbreak of infectious disease for our Nation, and the world. This CDC Influenza Pandemic OPLAN describes the internal processes within the CDC as a subordinate operating division (OPDIV) of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Information provided in this OPLAN is intended as directive guidance for subordinate CDC organizations but will assist responsible individuals and others at all levels outside CDC to understand operational planning. All OPLANS need to be comprehensive enough to be used as guides for day-to-day operations, once an influenza pandemic appears anywhere in the world. This OPLAN is designed to allow the planners at every level within CDC to gain insights into "what" actions need to be taken in preparing for an influenza pandemic. The "how" to carry out these actions is left for the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) selected to review and take actions articulated in this plan.

This document in no way prescribes guidance for any entity other than CDC agencies.