Technical Surveillance / Spyware

The FBI's Digital Collection System Network (DCSNet), is a point-and-click surveillance system that can perform instant wiretaps on almost any communications device in the US. DCSNet allows instant access to all cellphone, landline, SMS communications anywhere in the US from a point-and-click interface.

Carnivore (DCS-1000) was a software-based surveillance tool used to examine all Internet Protocol (IP) packets and record only those packets or packet segments that meet very specific parameters. The Carnivore software system was used together with a tap on ISP networks to “intercept, filter, seize, and decipher digital communications on the Internet”. The system was described as a “specialized network analyzer” that works by “sniffing” a network and copying and storing a warranted subset of its traffic. The Red Hook (DCS-3000) system has replaced Carnivore.

Red Hook, handles pen-registers and trap-and-traces, a type of surveillance that collects signaling information -- primarily the numbers dialed from a telephone -- but no communications content. (Pen registers record outgoing calls; trap-and-traces record incoming calls.)

DCS-6000, known as Digital Storm, captures and collects the content of phone calls and text messages for full wiretap orders.

Source: US DOJ CALEA IG Report March 2006

COTS software: Pen-Link/LINCOLN software and systems let you collect and record intercepted communications of any type - wireline, wireless, VoIP, 3G and IP. Pen-Link also automatically load various formatted call, IP, and transaction records from a wide variety of communication and Internet service providers to databases. Pen-Link provides a robust case database to store, retrieve and visualize all case intelligence. IP session data and content are easily collected, stored, decoded, and reassembled into meaningful reports to visualize what a surveillance target is doing on the Internet. Pen-Link software provides a comprehensive suite of user-defined analytical reports and graphical analysis tools for Link Charting, Timelines, Frequency Graphics, and GIS Location Mapping.

Oasis is software developed by the CIA that converts audio signals into readable and searchable text. It is designed to analyze an audio signal such as a cellphone call in order to identify and label each speaker (Male 1, Male 2, Female 1, and so forth). Oasis is also able to intelligently reference terms, such as by linking "car bomb" with "terrorism". Oasis recognizes key languages such as Arabic, Chinese, etc. COTS: Dragon Naturally Speaking

Magic Lantern is a keystroke logging software which can be installed remotely, via an e-mail attachment or by exploiting common operating system vulnerabilities using backdoors such as: Back Orifice 2000 (BO2K), NetBus, or Sub7 and installing Internet monitoring software. Countermeasure: Antikeylogging encryption software.

Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures (TSCM):
RF Surveillance Detection. Winkleman UK Microscan MS3000

  • 3.5, 2.4 and 1.2 GHz covert cameras and bugs
  • 2.4, 1.8, and 0.9 GHz cell phones and wireless phones
  • 300-400 MHz walkie-talkies, car keys and garage door openers
  • 70-150 MHz FM transmission
  • 49 MHz bugs
  • 27 MHz citizen-band transmissions
Non-linear Junction Detector(NLJD) for detection of hidden electronics, Cellular phone 'Roving bug' , Smartphone Monitoring, Cellular Detectors, Cellular Jammers, RF Jammer

Kingfisher Fibre Optical Microphones
Electret condenser microphone
Audio Transmitters, Nearfield Receivers
Laser Microphone Defeater
Wireless Webcam, IR Camera, IR Webcam , Remote sensing and sytems control using cellular phone
1.2GHz/2.4GHz Camera jammer

Pinole and Microchip Cameras, Mobilephone zoom ,Camera phone scan/copy/fax
GPS Tracking Jammer : Anti-GPS Jammer Store
Mobile phone tracking

TSCM Handbook, and other recommended publications.
FM 34-60 Counterintelligence

Cellular Telephone Exploitation:
LogicCube CellDEX
Micro Systemation GSM XRY
Paraben Device Seizure

Media Exploitation:
Low Level:

Blackbird Data Surveyor/Scavenger
ADF Triage-G2

EnCase Portable

High Level:

Digital Intelligence FRED-L
High Tech Crime Institute EDAS FOX